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Mellow Bar Exclusive

The eyes of within/out

This month, Mellow Bar invited Evelyn Beliveau to show their amazing artworks at both of our locations.  
From 9/12-10/31

The eyes of within/out, titled after a line by musician and writer Ben Belinski, incorporates selections from two bodies of work: figurative oil paintings and live music drawings.

To learn more about Evelyn and the artworks here:

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What does Mellow Bar use on your nails?

We believe in high quality gel and non-toxic, long-lasting polish.

We believe in the power of care:
- Gentle soak off process
-Minimal buffing
- No acrylic or powder

Japanese Nail Design.HEIC

Regular Gel: 
-Long lasting regular gel polish
Produced in South Korea
-The most trendy and up-to-date colors for you to choose from
-High quality ingredients 

Regular Polish:
-Plant-based ingredients
Non-toxic and long-lasting
-Vegan and cruelty-free
-Air dries in 5 minutes

Mellow Bar Picked Japanese Gel Brands:
-10-Free Potted Gel Nail System
-A gentle gel product.
-Minimum buffing before polish application (Less damage to your nails!)
-Vegan, Toxic-Chemical-Free, Cosmetic Grade
-Breathable polish allows air to pass through gel to prevent drying your nails
-Flexible gel prevents early chipping. Japanese gel can bend with your nails while your nail is soft after soaked in the water.