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Before you book with us, please read our salon policy and FAQ 
- We do not soak off hard gel, acrylic and dip powder 
- We do not charge Mellow Bar regular gel soak off, but we do need to charge Japanese gel soak off  

- We are unable to help booking through salon location numbers. Please
call:(833)812-8882Text:(908) 731-0389

Our salon policy just updated. Contact our customer service line if you have any questions 

We heard your concerns: 

The recent study brought concerns to our clients about the safety of using UV nail lights. We are glad to answer the questions as one of the professionals in the nail industry

Here are the answers from Mellow Bar

Mellow Bar Gift List

Mellow Bar Gift List

A Healthy Nail Care Gift Set For Your Beloved

  • Gentle Pink Nail Strengthener

  • First Step: Repair Nail Solution

  • Mellow Bar Lo Scent Candles

  • Mellow Bag 

What does Mellow Bar use on your nails?

We believe in high quality gel and non-toxic, long-lasting polish.

We believe in the power of care:
- Gentle soak off process
-Minimal buffing
- No acrylic or powder

Japanese Nail Design.HEIC

Regular Gel: 
-Long lasting regular gel polish
Produced in South Korea
-The most trendy and up-to-date colors for you to choose from
-High quality ingredients 

Regular Polish:
-Plant-based ingredients
Non-toxic and long-lasting
-Vegan and cruelty-free
-Air dries in 5 minutes

Mellow Bar Picked Japanese Gel Brands:
-10-Free Potted Gel Nail System
-A gentle gel product.
-Minimum buffing before polish application (Less damage to your nails!)
-Vegan, Toxic-Chemical-Free, Cosmetic Grade
-Breathable polish allows air to pass through gel to prevent drying your nails
-Flexible gel prevents early chipping. Japanese gel can bend with your nails while your nail is soft after soaked in the water.

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