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Booking Destination

Before you book with us, please read our salon policy and FAQ 
West Village location offer Japanese Gel ONLY
- We do not soak off hard gel, acrylic and dip powder 
- Starting Jul. 10th, we will charge Mellow Bar regular gel soak off  

- We are unable to help booking through salon location numbers or cancel your appointment through
auto appointment confirm message. Please
call:(833)812-8882 Text:(908) 731-0389 if you need our help.

Moon Cake Festival.png

Celebrated in different ways by many Asian cultures, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of the Harvest Moon and the end of the Autumn Harvest! Similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S. and the Harvest festival in Europe, this is a time of togetherness and reuniting with family and loved ones.


We hope you are able to stop in for a complimentary mooncake at one of our salons in Manhattan as a thank-you for being part of Mellow Bar’s family. Happy Mid-Autumn and a bountiful harvest for us all!


Featured Artist

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 2.33.22 PM.png


 Over the past decade Aleksandra had solo shows and participated extensively
in group shows in NYC as well the US, Europe and Asia. Over this time, she has received Jury
Prizes in many competitions as well as serving as judge for several exhibitions. Aleksandra’s
work is also in museums and private collections around the world......

Now showing at our Soho location

Mellow Bar Recommend

Frist Step Nail Serum 

+ Non-oil
+ Natural flower scent
+ Hydrolyzed Collagen
+ Antibacterial ingredients


Get your nails ready for more possibilities!


What does Mellow Bar use on your nails?

We believe in the power of care:
- Gentle soak off process
-Minimal buffing
- No acrylic or powder
- Healthy products

Mellow Bar Nail.JPG

Regular Pedicure:
- Footcare products formulated and produced in Japan
Non-toxic and sensitive skin friendly
- Gentle overall skin and callus treatment

IMG_7630 2.JPG

Regular Polish:
-Plant-based ingredients
Non-toxic and long-lasting
-Vegan and cruelty-free
-Air dries in 5 minutes

Mellow Bar Picked Japanese Gel Brands:
-10-Free Potted Gel Nail System
-A gentle gel product.
-Minimum buffing before polish application (Less damage to your nails!)
-Vegan, 10 Toxic-Chemical-Free, Cosmetic Grade
-A gas permeable system to prevent fungus in the short term.
-Flexible gel prevents early chipping. Japanese gel can bend with your nails while your nail is soft after soaked in the water.

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