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Mellow Bar Exclusive Foot Care

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The new spa pedicure that is going to light-up your self-care routine!

ATTENTION NEW YORKERS! Or really anyone who is seeking for a relaxing foot care and callus treatment that would not harm your skin. Mellow Bar is now offering Japanese Style Foot care Pedicure, and we are the first to do that amongst other nail salons in New York City! And we are here to answer any questions you may have! Let me tell you one thing clearly before we get into it. It is truly life-changing especially to those of us who walk miles a day.

Q. Why do we need to treat the foot callus at all?

A. Callus treatment is recommended mostly for aesthetic reasons, but it also helps with your foot health, helping you feel more comfortable when walking with a smoother surface on your feet. For this reason, people get what’s considered to be a “traditional” callus treatment with strong chemicals and tools with tough surfaces which offers a quick result. However, those chemicals can potentially damage natural skin, and the skin surface may feel uneven. During the winter, cold air and dryness can cause skin cracking as well. Our Japanese style foot care solves all these problems!

Q. What are the benefits of your Japanese style foot care pedicure?

A. The products we use are a combination of deep moisturizing and gentle yet detailed and deep exfoliation- it’s the same concept as skin care. We focus on building healthy, soft foot skin in the long term through healthy foot care. These products, fully produced in Japan, can even be used on other body parts to keep your skin moisturized. As a result, unlike traditional callus treatment, it is good for all types of skin, ESPECIALLY sensitive skin because you don’t have to be afraid that it might burn your skin! The surface will be even and thoroughly while protecting the natural healthy skin.

Q. What is the process like?

A. First we need to feel your feet and determine how deep of a treatment they need. Because again, this is a very gentle process. We do not need to do anything unnecessary! And then we focus on the calluses and keep moisturizing your feet with spray lotion. Since we have to make sure your feet are moisturized throughout the entire process, it is definitely much slower than the traditional callus treatment. But it is very relaxing especially since you will not be shaking in the boots worrying something might hurt.

Q. What is it like afterwards? What should we expect?

A. You know how even after you get a traditional callus removal, you can still feel some left on your feet? After our Japanese foot care, your feet will feel the smoothest they have ever been. And that “just-refreshed, smooth and moisturized feeling” you get right after your pedicure that usually goes away by the end of the night would last for days especially if you were to put lotion on your feet regularly.

Q. Do you offer this service at both locations?

A.Yes! We offer our Japanese style foot care at both our Soho and West Village locations.

And as you know, you can always text 9087310389 or call 8338128882 if you have any other questions!

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