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Re: Concerns on UV Nail Light Safety

By Subin Ahn Jan 20th 2023

Hi there! Did you stumble upon this article because you were worried about the UV nail polish dryers safety? Mellow Bar team understands that this is a concern you guys have had for many years! So we are here to address the answers to your questions as best as we could (obviously, we are not scientists!) and suggest some solutions if you are still concerned. Below frequently asked questions were from popular articles on well known medias:

  • The use of UV lamps leads to 20 and 30 percent cell death? :

According to the study on the articles, this was a result of a 20-minute consecutive exposure to UV light. If you are familiar with the gel manicure process, people usually get their nails painted, put one of their hands in the lamp, take it out after about 60 seconds, and repeat the process. Which means they are not keeping their hands in the lamps for 20 minutes straight! Also, for each manicure session, the maximum amount of time we use UV lamps on our clients is about 5 minutes in total.

  • The repeated / chronic use of UV lamps can damage cells? :

It’s not mentioned how many times it is considered as repeated / chronic use to the point where it’s harmful. For gel manicure sessions, even with a higher frequency, it is nonconsecutive exposure every 2 weeks. For those of you who have been getting our Japanese gel, it is likely that you are getting your nails done even less frequently since they tend to stay on longer!

If you are still worried…

  1. That’s why we created the in-take form for you guys to fill out! On the form, you can pick whether you would like UV gloves at your appointments or not, and we always offer UV gloves in the salon upon request.

  2. We have LED lights available at both locations! While not all gel products we carry can be cured by LED lights, we now have more color options for the brands that can be cured by LED lights. We will add light options along with the gel brand when you book the appointment online!

We understand that you guys are worried about cell damage and we care about your health very much as well (we don’t ONLY care about your nail health!). But remember that things like sunlight and tanning can also damage cells 👀 The regularity of the use makes a crucial difference in the result!

As one of the professionals in the nail salon industry, Mellow Bar felt the responsibility of giving professional and honest solutions to all clients who trusted us. Our team will keep up with the study result and make changes based on the safest salon practice! We are always here to support you if you ever have any other concerns or questions!

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