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Everything You Need To Know About Nail Sculpting


Sculpting on natural nails

Why you need "Sculpting"

- Create a smooth curved surface on natural nails helps with final after polish outcome. 

- Build a stronger foundation for fragile and weak nails 

- Temporarily correct nail shapes

Do you need "Sculpting"?

- Planning to have or is having nails done very often. 

- Naturally have soft and sensitive nails 

- Feel friction strongly when nails getting filed.

- Have flat nail shape or up-curved nail shapes. 


Book "Sculpting" in Mellow Bar

Natural Sculpting: 

Very natural sculpting. This sculpting will need to get soaked off before new manicure process. Can NOT be refilled. 

Full Sculpting: 

Perfect for long nails. Provide extra protection on the nail tips. Can be refilled.

Color after sculpting

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