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Welcome to Mellow Bar!

We found the form below will help us get to know you and the condition of your nails. It would be great if you filled this form out before your first appointment.

But no biggie if you’re unable to! We look forward to seeing you soon.


* If you are experiencing fungus, infections or other serious health issues on your nail, please contact your physician.

* Please note we do not offer or soak off Acrylic, dip powder and hard gel 

What nail conditions are you currently experiencing? Check all that apply!
Do you have any following cuticle condition?
Have you received acrylic, dip powder or hard gel services in the past month?
How frequently do you get your nails done?
How much do you use your hands at home and work?
Do you have a history of picking or biting your nails or cuticles?
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